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female caretaker guide and help the elderly woman to stand
Helping clients engage and build relationships within the community

At Patient Focus Homecare, we provide community-based support to help our residents stay active and engaged in the community. Socialization is vital for seniors as it helps to prevent isolation and loneliness, which can lead to depression and other health issues. We organize a variety of social activities and events to promote socialization and connection among our residents, such as group outings, hobby clubs, and games. Our team can help set up transportation for residents to attend community events, such as gathers, shopping, trips, and medical appointments.

By participating in community events and activities, our residents can maintain their independence and sense of purpose. Our community-based support services are designed to provide opportunities for socialization, engagement, and personal growth.

Moreover, with community-based support, our residents can also:

  • Have the opportunity for daily socialization
  • Build forms of better relationships/friendship with friends and family
  • Create new friendships with other clients when possible

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